Manufacture of LED lamps, lamps, spotlights and lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Lighting poles

SVETOREZERV produces a wide range of multi-faceted and round metal lighting poles and brackets for lighting poles

Transmission towers

Electric poles are used for construction of transmission lines and one of the main structural elements.


Modern UPS will protect your equipment from unstable power grids work



In our company you can buy any diesel generator at the lowest price in the shortest time, or from a warehouse in Moscow or Vladivostok.

All products

This section presents all the activities of the company "Zavod Svetorezerv." Perhaps looking at the whole list, you will also find something interesting.

Company about short

Technology of the future today

LED Lighting — one of several lighting technologies. Among the manufacturers of LED light sources is considered the most functional and promising direction in terms of both efficiency and cost and practical application. The use of LED lamps in lighting already holds 26% market share. The development of LED lighting due to its weight advantage, such as:



  • energy savings of up to 90%
  • service life of 30-60 times more light bulbs and 5-8 times than fluorescent lamps
  • safe to use
  • small size
  • high strength
  • absence of mercury vapor, ultraviolet and infrared radiation
  • low heat

Our mission


Lighting Plant Svetorezerv was formed in 2003 in Moscow. From 2003 to 2007, manufacturing facilities located in the city of Ryazan (Ryazan region) in 2007-2009 based on the number of enterprises in Zelenograd (Moscow), since 2010 part of the production facilities will be moved to the city of Shenzhen (PRC), with some facilities will be maintained in Zelenograd.

Since its establishment, the company develops, manufactures and implementation of cost-street and approach lights, spotlights and other lighting products based on LED technology.


The company expects Svetorezerv replace traditional sources of street lighting, entrances, courtyards, houses adjoining areas, basements, streets and parks for 2012-2015. light sources based on LED technology.

The company aims to play an important role in the development of the country and society to provide services and products of the highest quality, use a flexible pricing policy and a reliable partner for every client.

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